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I've worked as a game designer or artist in the video games industry since 1982... and I'm still going.





Things I've done over the years


I currently teach Game Design at falmouth University, but prior to that I worked in the game industry now for almost 3 decades now. That makes me  officially a video game veteran or a sort of 'grand old git of games'.  I even made it into 2019's 50 over 50 list.


I've been involved with the game industry almost since its inception, and have worked on games spanning almost all platforms over that time. Games have changed hugely over that time, mostly for the better. But so have the ways in which we develop them.

But having worked for a succession of companies I suddenly realized I've worked mainly behind the scenes, so this site is a bit of an an attempt at a mix of self-promotion and nostalgia.


Here I'll talk about everything I've been involved with and give some of the backstory surrounding each project - along with a few files, design docs, images that may be of interest (and anything else I still have lying around).


I'll also occasionally blog about my current thoughts, ideas and future projects. I've got to say up front that I'm well outside my comfort zone on this, and talking about what I've done doesn't come naturally, but hopefully you'll find something of interest.


I've spent 3 decades in the games industry and have covered a lot of ground. Click here to find out what I've worked on over the years.

Everyone in the games industry has worked on games that never saw the light of day. I've also had my fair share of them and I intend to honour their memory and those that worked on them with me here.


Although writing for years I've also been reticent to publish - but now it's full steam ahead at getting it out there.

My first novels - (The start of the Jangada saga) - are now available in paperback or kindle format from Amazon. Click to find out more.


Terry Greer