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Terry Greer

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Spectrum animated cartoons

Adventure game graphics

Last Ninja 2


Microprose Misc (Pizza Tycoon/Navy Strike.

XCom - Terror from the deep

XCom - Apocalypse

XCom - Alliance

Citizens (Ghosts of games that never were)

Master of Orion 2



Flaklypa Grand prix

Blitz Pitches (Ghosts of games that never were)

Blitz Tech


Artwork - early game covers

One of my friends wrote a game for the Lynx computer and tried selling it at a game show in London. I went along and used some of my science fiction and fantasy artwork to brighten up the stand. The game didn’t sell, but I got several commissions for game cover art (which was at that time almost all tape cassette covers). The companies I did work for (such as Anirog and Interceptor micro’s) tended to be smaller than the big publishers (such as Ocean) and tended to want the artwork done quickly and cheaply rather than have time taken over them and have quality.


I must have done a few hundred of these low-cost covers for companies.

The quality was a bit patchy, but the turnaround was ferocious – I’d sometimes get called in the morning with a request that a cover would be sent off that day – my record was about 4 hours from phone call to posting. Sometimes I’d get longer and could experiment a bit rather than having to go with the first idea (and in many cases first draft). It would have been nice to have had the time to actually do them properly.


Here are a few examples of my artwork including a few covers and other pieces (e.g. a couple of record covers for heavy metal bands) - they're a mix of good and bad - but they're all that's survived from that period.



Gradually I became fairly proficient with an airbrush and inks/watercolour and even won a national wildlife painting competition and had a painting hung for a while in the Natural History Museum in London, but I haven't been able to track down that image. The next step would be to start creating the artwork for within a game on computer.


At this time I was living in Lincolnshire and also drawing a weekly cartoon strip for a local paper in Boston  with themes based around local stories. I used to hide a lizard in each one. If I can find some of those I'll add them to this page.

I still miss actually physically creating art like this (I haven’t done it for a couple of decades now - though I've started life drawing again) but the death of  HR Giger (the infamous concept artist for the Alien in Alien) promoted me to knock up a quick cartoon.

It was fun and I'll have to do more.