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As BlitzTech is still being used by Radiant Worlds (and I don''t know what current and future development is happening)  I don't feel it appropriate to go into more detail on what I did, or post any of the redesign that I carried out.


Suffice to say that it was varied and interesting work that was going in really interesting directions. I love the actual technical detail of design, and having used dozens of engines and other propitiatory tools over the years on a wide range game genres on most platforms and across all aspects of Art and Design I feel that it's one of my strengths.


Sadly it was all cut short by Blitz's unexpected closure in September 2013.

BlitzTech From Sept 2011-Sept 2013 I worked in Blitz Tech team. I had a small team that included another designer and an artist with a fairly open remit. My role was several fold:  To suggest improvements to Blitz's internal toolset. This involved designing new tools, defining new features and redesigning the user interface and editor to make it more usable, intuitive and friendly. This included meetings with Blitz Tech users to get feedback on ideas and proposals.  Investigate and extrapolate industry best practice in other SDKs and tools and keep abreast of cutting edge research.  To develop a set of tutorials, teaching resources and leaning materials for users new to BlitzTech and to teach new features to those already familiar with the basics. I was also involved with gathering information from Blitz Tech users about how they actually used the tools.  As Blitz had just intigrated Lua into the SDK this also included Lua scripting tutorials.  I also occasionally helped out on tech-based pitches and put together a periodic set of posters showing new developments in the SDK.

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Spectrum animated cartoons

Adventure game graphics

Last Ninja 2


Microprose Misc (Pizza Tycoon/Navy Strike.

XCom - Terror from the deep

XCom - Apocalypse

XCom - Alliance

Citizens (Ghosts of games that never were)

Master of Orion 2



Flaklypa Grand prix

Blitz Pitches (Ghosts of games that never were)

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