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I worked as a contract employee for Kuju for a year on a 6 month rolling contract as mainly a level designer. I also did a bit of mockup and pitch work for them for other projects during the time.


The lead designer was Paul Millard who put together the main storyline, and my role was really just to work on the level designs.


They really needed a lead level designer – but they weren’t keen to actually appoint an official one – which was a shame.


Instead I took Dave’s initial plan and worked with the other designers to flesh out designs for the levels that were being worked on in conjunction with who was assigned them, or just as an initial starting design for those that were sketchily defined at the time or which had no 'owner'.


My work on Firewarrior

Over the course of the game my roles included:


Initial level specification -  I wrote up, illustrated and outlined all the game’s levels in the beginning – though some were already in development (and for those I was just fleshing out what the designer already wanted to do) . Even so I think I created 75% of the basic plan for the levels overall.


Scripting and implementation of set pieces - Kuju had its own internal engine and editor, and this was used for all simple ingame logic and sequencing. Anything more complicated required programmer support. For the levels I took on directly I was responsible for using the internal scripting system to make the levels work.


Level creation and mockup – using 3DS max I created stand-in geometry for large sections of the levels. These would be later replaced with final artwork.

It’s hard now to remember exactly what levels I worked on and to what extent as I had some input and influence on most of them. Although I started working on and blocking out a lot of them, as other designers came on board they were shared out. The levels I can particularly remember working on are the whole prison break sequence frm landing to escape, the defending of the Tau ship from attack along with the final approach and the descent into the Chaos Pit and the long shaft with the beam passing down you keep crossing.


Audio scripts - I created the first pass of the in game dialogue scripts (not the cinematics) which remains largely unchanged as far as  can see.


It was a really busy year, but with only a couple of months to go Kuju hit financial problems and stopped renewing external contracts so I (and a couple of other designers) didn’t get to work on it until the very end, but looking at the finished game the levels I worked on in detail are pretty much as I left them.


Firewarrior reception

Firewarrior received mixed reviews – which was a shame – it’s still a fun game to play – and a lot was squeezed into a very small space on the PS2.

The programming team were outstanding and easy to work with and the artwork was exceptional – with some very talented artists working on bringing the Warhammer 40K license to life.


Here’s a few screenshots from the game (mainly from what I worked on):


Prison level waltkthrough videos

Links to youtube walkthroughs of the entire prison section, in 4 parts:

Firewarrior Level Design Docs

If anyone is interested there’s a few links to the original level design docs here (note that they may vary a fair bit from the final game):



 Level 1 :
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