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Flaklypa Grand Prix

Flaklypa Grand Prix (also known as Pinchcliffe Grand Prix) is a quintessentially Norwegian IP that started out as a 1976 stop motion animated film.


The film was directed by Ivo Caprino - based on characters by a Norwegian cartoonist and author called Kjell Aukrust – and became the most successful ever Norwegian film – so much so that it was shown every Christmas on TV.


The company producing the game was called Ingames and they had been contracted by Remo Caprino (Ivor’s son) to make a game based on the film.


Both myself and Joe Dever shared design duties on the game. Joe concentrated on the storyline and pre-rendered interactive sequences, while I worked mainly on the minigames and interface. There was no lead as such, we agreed on virtually everything and just naturally split the work along those lines.


The project was a bit rocky – part way through the company ran into bankruptcy and was bought out by the client (Remo) to finish the game – the company changing its name to Caprino Studios).



It was a fun game to work on and did very well on release, gathering several awards.

The artists and programmers did an outstanding job capturing the detail, charm and style of the original film.


Sadly it’s not well known outside Norway.


It's also sad that I don’t have much left on it anywhere apart from a few work in progress renderings which look pretty awful and some of the design docs. So I've sourced a few screenshots from the web (although  they're low res and don't really do it justice).


Here's also a youtube link of an advert for the finished game from Sweden.