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This will be my second novel. The theme is the huge Manhattan-project-like development of Time Travel from the perspective of those that work on turning it into reality. the novel will cover the lives of the various protagonists over the decades-long successes and failures of the project.

Although using a multi-character point of view it will concentrate on one particular individual whose life is inextricably bound to the project.

This link takes you to two short sample chapters from near the beginning and in the middle of the novel.


Tempus example chapters.

This is my first novel. I've used many of the standard tropes of fantasy (such as floating islands) and attempted to build them into a different kind of tale.

I'm a great believer in Arthur C Clarke's 3rd law which states that 'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic'. Although Jangada's nominally a fantasy the underlying world and environment is just full of this type of unknown technology.

Jangada is currently available on kindle and as a paperback..

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