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Terry Greer


Currently Freelance Game design Consultation: September 2013-Now I've been working for myself, and the projects have been varied over the last few years. These include: Cliffhanger Games - I set up my own company to develop my own IP. The game is being developed in Unity using C# and is a couple of months from completion. Worcester University - Part time lecturing and course ware creation on game design and development. Including creating and delivering lectures, mentoring students and assisting in assessing assignments and projects. Ravn Games - Short term contract for Ravn games in Drammen Norway (Oct-Dec 2013). Game concept development (based on an existing IP) and creation of initial concept, GDD and pitch documentation. Jangada series - self-published a trilogy of Fantasy books on Amazon which are starting to gather good reviews. I've also just completed an MA in Creative Digital Media at Worcester University where I obtained a distinction. Previously: Blitz Games Studios , Leamington Spa I was at Blitz for eight years, with most of my time being split between Blitz’s pitching/movie department and the Tech (R&D) department. Senior Technical Designer: September 2011 - present. My work included:  Analysis of Blitztech in comparison to other SDKs, engines and similar toolsets; research into new developments in game technology and how to incorporate them into Blitztech.  Redesign and simplification of the BlitzTech user interface, pipeline and feature set with an emphasis on speed, usability and flexibility.  Research into and design of new (and update of existing) BlitzTech features based on internal/end-user requirements and industry best-practices.  Design, creation and direction of a comprehensive suite of tutorials, assets and learning resources aimed primarily at designers and artists. Senior Concept Designer: September 2005 – September 2011  Extensive experience in creating complete game designs and pitch documentation for both original and 3rd party IP across both games and film.  Analysis of 3rd party IP, assessment of potential market, audience and key brand identifiers. Then research to investigate potential game genres/mechanics for that IP.  Invention and development of original IP concepts.  Development of plot, characters, detailed game mechanics, potential environments, levels and world design.  Creation and maintenance of the pitch ‘vision’, including defining and creating art briefs and art direction for all art and assets required for the pitch.  Project management/organization of other team members.  Design and layout and authoring of pitch documentation in Indesign, Microsoft word or Powerpoint.  Creation of artwork in illustrator, photoshop and 3DS max.  Liaising with technical and internal engine leads to ensure feasibility of proposed game design.  Working with producers to ensure that any costings are accurate and that the proposed project is practical and appropriate to any potential budget.  Meetings, brainstorming and conference calls with other designers, publishers and clients.  Presenting and pitching the concept internally and direct to publishers.  Interviewing and mentoring of new designers. Other projects that I worked on at Blitz include:  Dead 2 rights – I worked on the original pitch and then spent 3 months on the initial development while the team was being established.  Possession - I worked on this unrealised game, creating a complete GDD of the entire game. I’ve since reinvented the IP with a concept bible, backstory and art brief designed to extend a completely revised version of the concept into other media such as TV and film. Older employment: Sept 2003 – March 2005 Lead designer Ratbag games, Adelaide, on a 3rd person console title (cancelled). March 2003 – September 2003 Freelance authoring of numerous game design courses and modules for an Indian academic company (NIIT). April 2002 – March 2003 (Contract period) Senior game designer Kuju Entertainment (mainly level design on Firewarrior with some additional concept and pitch work). July 2001 – April 2002 Freelance Art and Graphics. May 2000 – July 2001 Creative director / Lead game designer Kismet studios (an online gambling game company). Feb 1999 – April 2000 Freelance consultant in computer game design - working with Ingames/Capricornus (in Norway) on their award winning Flaklypa Grand Prix project. Sept 1996 – Jan1999 Head of game design - Microprose UK - overseeing all internal and external game design at their UK office including the Xcom brand. 1994 – Sept 1996 Senior Artist Microprose UK - including 2D and 3D art production on numerous titles(including the Xcom series). Prior to 1994 Freelance artist/designer on numerous Spectrum, Amstrad, Atari ST, Amiga and Commodore 64 titles at the dawn of the games industry, along with design and art for my own original IP (such as Xenomorph). Software Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, 3DS max, Muse, Flash, Word, Excel, UDK, Cryengine, Unity, Worldmachine, Lua, UDK, Cryengine and Unity. Current interests  I am interested in procedural content generation, and currently planning an indie game project that explores this in detail.  I maintain an avid interest in all aspects of science and engineering and I studied zoology at Liverpool University. These skills have been of immense use when concepting mechanisms/creatures in games or giving art direction.  I write, and have just completed my first novel.  I enjoy cooking and travel.